I became a coach in 2007 but created BVOY (pronounced bee voy) in 2015 which stands for Best Version Of You.

A wise man once said 'comparing yourself to others is a great way to be unhappy' and that's why I thought we should all just aim to be the best WE can be. This is more powerful than ever if you look at the world we live in now where you're bombarded with images everyday.  

I detest these trainers who sell people loads of expensive supplements that you don't need and tell you you have to stick to some rigid diet that feels like hell and then they leave you once (if) you've got to your goal and then you go back to square one and usually gain all the weight you lost. It happened to me and I had 2 years in the industry at that time. 

My goal is to help as many people as possible to get healthy, strong, fit and essentially happy in their own skin. I know what it's like, I used to be unhappy and lacked confidence in my early 20's and I saw how getting stronger, fitter and eating better can help almost EVERY aspect of your life, whether you're male or female. 


SBS academy graduate

10 years experience

Precision nutrition level 1