I started training with Ed a few months ago and he trains me in a park near to where I live. I have found Ed to be extremely easy and enjoyable to work with - he is always punctual, reliable and comes up with interesting and varied exercises every time we meet. One of the hardest things when training is to stay motivated and focused and to want to keep going back and I have never had any of these issues with Ed - I always feel better having trained with him and I feel that I am getting stronger and fitter as the weeks go by.  He always pushes me to work hard but is also always encouraging and patient. I would highly recommend him as a trainer and am sure you would not be disappointed.

Martha Swift - Owner of Primrose Bakery



After losing some weight after having 2 kids I plateaued and so I came to Ed for help to get back to my pre baby weight. After sitting down with Ed and filling out a questionnaire of his we started a training programme.  With some simple changes to my nutrition and sensible training I managed to get back to my pre baby weight and lose 8kg in roughly 10 weeks. I also stopped waking up with lower back pain and I looked more 'toned' which was great. I'd definitely recommend him as a coach. 

Akanksha Khosla





"I used to find it really hard to stick with the gym or any exercise classes - and never enjoyed it. That's totally changed since I started training with Ed. My training sessions in the local park are really fun, varied and tailored to the things I enjoy, but also the things I need to work on. Ed is really good at listening and finding solutions. He's really reliable, flexible and very good value too. I've really noticed the difference to my fitness levels and strength within just a few weeks and I feel really enthusiastic to continue - a first for me! 

Sarah Myers - Writer/Editor


Training with Ed has been excellent. He helps me keep motivated and the results have been positive. My core strength has improved significantly and his tips on nutrition have been really useful. It’s difficult to keep up the gym with a hectic lifestyle but he has helped me find ways fit it in to my schedule. 

Romy Gill - Entrepreneur

Oli P.jpg

I worked with Ed online where we worked mostly on my nutrition and he kicked me up the bum to motivate me. We took measurements at the start and kept monitoring to see that what we we're doing was working. If we plateaued, we just changed something. It was that simple. Now to find some new jeans!

Oli aka Solocyper

Ed's a fantastic Personal Trainer. He's patient, kind, mindful of injuries or concerns and super-flexible in tailoring sessions to suit a busy (and slightly reluctant) client. He's willing to take time to work on personal goals and attuned enough to know how to balance things out. Can't recommend him highly enough.

Andy Storrar- Business Director

andy s.jpg

I found it very difficult to start a routine of exercising after stopping for a year. Ed was a wonderful coach. He was patient and created a programme that was doable and encouraging, enabling me to see results in a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend him.

Karen Yung - Co-founder of Dulwich college International

karen y.jpeg

I benefitted a lot from Ed's personal training. He has a confident presence and a down to earth approach. As his client, you can develop at your own pace, but he also inspires you to reach ambitious fitness and health goals. Training with Ed is tough, but he helps you along with encouragement and humour, and he loves to share with his clients his eclectic taste in music.

Linda Felton - Solicitor

linda fel.png

Ed is a brilliant trainer. He has taken me through a good variety of training programmes to cater for my fitness and wellbeing goals for about three years. A thorough professional, he has an extensive repertoire of skills and techniques to cater for a range of abilities and requirements. Whether working with him 1 to 1 or in a small group, he motivates me to stretch and challenge myself while ensuring I keep within safe limits. He anticipates any difficulties I may have and suggests appropriate alternatives. I leave his sessions feeling more toned, energized and so much more relaxed. He also generously shares his substantial specialist knowledge to advise his clients on a range of dietary, health and fitness issues. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Celine Castelino - Education consultant and coach


Ed really helped me lose weight, within a couple of weeks only, as I put into practice his online advice on healthy habits (foods, drinks, etc) and physical exercise. I wish I'd been more disciplined to carry on with the programme, but life and laziness got in the middle of it. I seriously intend on resuming the training to further lose weight. Ed is patient, understanding and adaptable. I highly recommend him!

Seb Costey - Personal development professional

seb c.jpeg

I cannot say enough about ed. a professional and passionate pt and wonderful human being. i had always struggled with my weight and disliked my body shape. i am so glad i gave personal training a chance, and so i met ed. one on one training meant i could stay focussed. ed works you hard but you stay motivated through the sessions because they vary and you feel results quickly, whilst enjoying the process. within a year i reached my weight goal and was feeling great in my own skin. I could wear what i wanted and just in time for my wedding too!

Ed is a friend now. after having my 2nd child in 2017 i got in touch with ed again. due to distance we tried online coaching. he designed 2 different workouts for me to regain my pre pregnancy figure and through a simple user friendly app i was able to see my workouts at home. we kept in touch to make sure i was progressing and was there if i ever needed any questions and help. whatever your fitness goals i would recommend ed. He’s friendly, highly experienced and genuine.

rittu sharma aulakh


Ed is a great personal trainer, super professional, has huge knowledge on how to help you loose weight! Super easy going but knows how to push you :) Would highly recommend if you’re looking to lose weight, it’s working for me :)

Caroline Thomas - Account Director

Ed's sessions are fun, challenging and varied. I learn something new in every session; as someone who gets bored quickly this is key to my long-term commitment to fitness! Despite seeing results quickly, Ed encourages a sustainable approach to having exercise in your life and enjoying it. He is extremely personable and great to chat to. I would recommend him to anyone regardless of their fitness goal.

Chloe Dean - Strategic account director

chloe d.png