Easy & simple food changes to lose weight

So you probably know by now you need to get into a caloric deficit in order to lose weight.

Well like Biggie said "If you don't know now you know..." 

And like they say in Cuba "No es fácil" 

It's not easy. 

Changing habits and essentially eating less isn't easy. However there are simple changes you can make that over time have a BIG effect. 

Wanna know more? 

Let's dive into it like Tom Daley. 



Choose lower fat dairy. Before you start, yes it doesn't taste as nice but choosing lower fat dairy can really reduce your fat and calorie intake. Let's say you put 100g of cheddar on your cottage pie. 100g is 416 kcals. Change this for half fat cheddar. 100g = 232 kcals. That's almost half the calories! 

One thing that tastes great in my opinion even though it's low fat is Greek yoghurt (Skyr are my favourite). It's excellent for fat loss too as they're generally very filling.    

Change sugar for sweetener

Uh oh I can hear the 'chemical police' ready to say that sweeteners cause death. The short answer.

No they don't. There is no REAL evidence showing that sweeteners cause any evil diseases. I use Truvia which is from the Stevia plant. It depends on how much you use but if you have 6 tspns of sugar a day that's roughly 90kcals. Over 7 days that's 630kcals so if you turn this to a 0 with sweeteners you can see how over time this can lead to significant weight loss.


Oil spray instead of oil for frying

This one from my experience works very well.

Okay let's say you use a tablespoon of rapeseed oil (people generally use way more) it has roughly 135kcals in it. 

Compare that with 10 sprays of the oil spray which will usually give 10kcals. That's over 100kcals saved. Add that up over a week if you use this much oil a day, you will save 700kcals. That's easily enough for you to lose weight on over time. 




Choose leaner meats and mince

When you buy ground meat, aim for the 5% fat type if you can afford it. Once again it will make you eat less fat and calories, especially when it comes to things like sausages. A lot of pork sausages will have over 20g of fat for 2 sausages whereas if you choose chicken sausages it will usually have half the fat and less calories.  


So here are simple things you do to help you lose weight and you won't feel heavily deprived. The only downside is it doesn't taste quite as tasty. But hey you can make things taste nicer by using extra herbs and flavours. These kind of changes really aren't sexy but they make a big difference in the long term and are sustainable and usually these are the most powerful types of changes.

Any questions let me know? email me at ed@bvoy.fitness


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