Tetris and better body image

How does Tetris and body image relate?

Ever heard of the ‘Tetris effect’?

Well scientists got a bunch of people to play Tetris constantly in a study and they found people started seeing blocks and tetris everywhere. Participants said they started dreaming about blocks and they would see buildings as blocks they could rearrange. It occurs when people devote so much time and attention to an activity that it begins to pattern their thoughts, mental images, and dreams. They coined it the ‘Tetris effect’.

We’ve all experienced this in a way. When we do something frequently our brain becomes wired to see the thing we’ve been focussing on. I can’t help look at peoples form when I’m training at the gym for example.

How does this relate to fitness and body image?

Well each day if you focus on the things you like about your body guess what starts to happen?

Yes you’re brain becomes wired to do this and you start to feel much better about your body and self. The same can happen the other way too and often does in many people especially in the social media crazed world we live today. There’s always someone on Insta who looks ‘better’ or is ‘stronger’. BUT by doing this simple task you can start to feel great about yourself.

Your task?

Each day celebrate 3 things you love about your body or physique.

And I’m sure soon you’ll start to feel excellent about yourself.

The Best Version Of You